5 Ways To Make Spring Cleaning Go Smoothly

Spring cleaning is a great way to clean out your home, get rid of junk, and prepare for a whole summer full of fun. No one likes to clean, and getting through a huge cleaning project could feel like a big hassle. By breaking down the cleaning and adding some fun elements, the whole process can go by a lot smoother.

The following five tips will help you stay organized and on-task, and eliminate the bulky junk in your home.

Spring Cleaning Party

The idea of cleaning does not have to be a chore when it can be turned into a party. A spring-cleaning party offers fun ways to clean out closets, kitchens, and other areas of the home. There are multiple activities that the whole family will enjoy doing together.

  • Kitchen Clean Out: Supply the majority of food for your party by cleaning out the refrigerator first. Make all kinds of meals with frozen foods and leftovers that are still good to eat. As you pick foods to cook, you can toss out older food, expired drinks, and bottom-of-the-bottle salad dressings that will never get used.
  • Sweep & Sing: Turn the brooms, mops, and other large cleaning devices into a lip-syncing microphone. Blast some of your favorite tunes and pretend to sing as you clean up various rooms in the home.
  • Closet Fashion Show: Get rid of old clothes by creating outrageous designs and combinations. Make a huge pile of the clothes that you want to get rid of. Each person takes turns coming out in different outfits and then putting the outfits in the trash or donation bag when completed.

Waste Bin Rental

The easiest method for a lot of junk removal is renting a waste bin. A large waste bin can get delivered right to your house and be placed near the entrance. This makes it extremely easy to bring stuff out of the house and throw it right into the bin.

The majority of items can be placed in the bins, but there are some items that cannot be placed in there due to landfill regulations. Examples of this include lithium batteries, motor oil, and buckets of paint.

Bin Organization

While a majority of items can go into a large waste bin, a little organization can go a long way for the rest of the items. Type and print out signs to label various bins for sorting items. Instead of just having piles everywhere, the bins can be easily separated and transported to the proper location.

Examples of different bins you should have on hand includes compost, recycled metal, recycled plastic, recycled paper, book donations, and clothes donations. These organized bins will also help for any children that are involved with the cleaning process.

Children's Spring Cleaning

A spring cleaning weekend is a good time to teach children about cleaning, chores, and getting rid of junk that they no longer need. One of the main areas children can work on is their toy box. Instead of just doing it randomly, the child should organize the toys so that donations or trash can be easily separated. For example, a child can make a pile of favorite toys, broken toys, or toys they no longer use.

The same process can be done for a child's clothes too. Look for ripped clothes and decide whether they should be thrown away or saved for summer play clothes.

Third Party Decisions

Sometimes getting rid of junk is harder than it seems. This is where the assistance from a third-party can come in. Ask a close friend or relative to assist you in the spring cleaning. This person can help convince you to get rid of old furniture, decorations, and clothes that you no longer need or use. The process of cleaning will become a lot easier and you can let go of unnecessary items.

Once the large cleaning project is complete, you will be pleased with the amount of work that is done in your home. The methods that you chose to use could become an annual tradition.