Don't Throw That Away: What You Should Never Place Into Your Trash Dumpster

As a commercial building owner or lessor, it is important that you are fully aware of what is not ideal to place in the regular dumpster. There are some seriously dangerous items that should never be disposed of with your local trash collector due to the damage that they cause. Instead, look for alternative methods of disposing of these items so that you keep the environment safe and, maybe more importantly, so that you do not get into any trouble for illegal dumping. The following are some things to keep out of your trash:

Light Bulbs

Any business owner is going to go through tons of lightbulbs throughout the years. Florescent lightbulbs are used quite often and need regular disposal, but all bulbs fall into the same category when it comes to proper disposal. Lightbulbs can leak mercury into the ground and atmosphere once they are broken. Instead of dropping them in the trash, have them recycled at a hazardous waste facility in your city. Many larger towns offer pickup services for these items.


With the advancement of technology, gone are the days of the simple cash register. Businesses commonly use smart devices all day long. With prolonged use, these items are going to eventually need to be replaced. These devices are made from mercury and lead that will leech into the ground of any landfill or another dumpsite. These chemicals will eventually make its way into the water supply and result in tap water that is unsafe to use. When it comes to disposing of any electronics at all, whether it is smart devices, computers, phones, printers, and so on, you need to have them recycled. Many municipalities now offer e-waste recycling centers or pick-up services for these items. They will ensure the electronics are properly disposed of.

Paint and Paint Cans

When you do a redesign, start a new commercial build, or are rehabbing a building for your business, you are going to need a lot of paint. When you are finished painting, it seems normal to simply throw the cans and bits of unused paint into the regular trash. Paint, even empty cans, can be very dangerous for all living beings. All unused paint can be donated to an organization that rehabs homes or other projects in your area. Empty cans should be sent to a hazardous waste facility to be properly disposed of.

If you are unsure if there are different facilities available to take any of these items, you can simply call your local trash pickup service for help. They will have all the information you need for drop off and pickup of hazardous waste and other items that should not be in with regular trash. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Curbside DataControl.