3 Things You May Be Able To Buy From A Scrap Metal Recycling Center

Copper, aluminum, steel, iron, and titanium—there's a whole list of metals that are easy to recycle, and many consumer products contain these elements. If you are lucky enough to have a scrap metal recycling center in your neighborhood, you have the opportunity to help the environment, and maybe even put some cash in your pocket, by selling the facility scrap metal pieces. However, there are also things you may be able to buy at a scrap yard that you may have never considered. Some of these places will allow consumers to pay scrap metal pricing for the things that get brought in. Here is a look at a few things you may be able to find. 

Old Appliances 

If you have an old appliance and you need a replacement part for it, you may be able to find it at a local scrap metal recycling center. Appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, and even microwaves, often get taken to these facilities as whole units because they contain loads of metal inside. It is not at all uncommon to see multiple appliances parked in the scrap yard, waiting to be dismantled and the recyclable parts removed. 

Copper Wiring 

Maybe you are working on a nifty craft project, or perhaps you have a need for copper wiring for a building project. In either case, you may be able to find copper wiring for sale by the bundle at a scrap yard. Electrical wiring is usually stripped down and the copper wiring inside is harvested for recycling. Therefore, it is not at all uncommon to find bundles of scrap copper in large bins at a scrap yard where they are waiting to go on to the next location where they will be broken down and reused in manufacturing. You may be able to buy yourself a bundle of this wire and save some money on buying it at a store. 

Building Materials

Looking for a replacement iron railing piece for your porch? Have you lost a metal pipe due to damage and need a replacement? Did your metal screen door get damaged? These are all examples of items that you may be able to find at a local scrap metal recycling center. During residential demolition projects, the metal harvested usually gets taken to the recycling center, and many items are still going to be in functional shape until they are compacted. If you are willing to give the scrap yard their money back for the item, they will likely let you have it. 

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