Everything You Need To Know About Recycling Before Throwing Out Your Old Computer

Most people take their old and obsolete computer and put it away in a cabinet when they get a new one. Some also put it directly in the trash bin, especially when they have struggled to repair it before giving it up. However, these are not ideal ways of dealing with your old computer. It is best to take time to remove all your data from the computer before disposing it. Also, contact the supplier you bought the device from and see how they can help you safely dispose your laptop. 

Factory Resetting the Computer

The first thing to do is get your computer back into its factory settings before giving it away. It is a simple operation you can carry out with minimal assistance from the IT team. When you restore the settings, you remove all the data and programs that you had installed. The action removes access to your files and all the programs that you added throughout the time you were with the computer. You can ask an IT technician to guide you through reinstalling your programs into a new computer once you get one. 

Use Data Shredding Software

Recycled computers can end up in any part of the globe. Often, the recyclers strip off valuable spare parts that are still functional and sell them separately. It means that a stranger can access your potentially sensitive data and use it for their gains. If you want to be on the safe side, consider getting data shredding software. You can also find a professional IT technician to guide you through the process of wiping your hard drive. 

Separate the Hard Drive

Another step to keep your information safe even after you recycle the computer is separating the hard drive from the rest of the system. You can remove it from the computer and have a professional put it into a caddy. Experts will also help you convert the hard drive into a USB-controlled drive where you can store and access data. Another alternative way to handle the issue is by smashing the hard drive. However, you have to apply physical force to break the platters that hold data in order to be successful.

All this is crucial information to have when planning to recycle your old computer. It is a wise idea to get a competent IT technician to take your machine through these steps before releasing it for recycling. Reach out to a computer recycling service near you to learn more.