3 Tips To Set Up A Commercial Recycling Program

Today's consumers are paying more attention to the impact their consumption has on the environment. Businesses are starting to recognize that they, too, should be recycling more in an effort to reduce landfill waste. However, establishing a commercial recycling program can be a challenge. Here are three tips that you can use to set up a recycling program that will benefit both you and your employees over time. 

1. Conduct a Waste Audit

Before you can effectively determine which commercial recycling services you will need, you must understand the type of waste that your business is creating on a day-to-day basis. A waste audit can provide you with the data you need to set your recycling program up for success.

To conduct a waste audit, you will need to replace all of the trash bags in your building with clear ones. Store these bags safely over a period of a few days, then complete a visual inspection to determine what kinds of waste are inside.

Calculate the rough percentage of recyclables, nonrecyclables, and compostable waste inside the bags. This information can help you determine which type of recycling service will best meet your needs.

2. Invest in Recycling Bins

You will need to establish new trash bins within your facility that can accommodate your recycling efforts. The best bins for recycling are centralized bins. These bins feature multiple collection compartments that are clearly labeled for your employees. Separate bins for organic waste, recycling, battery disposal, and trash are included in most centralized recycling bins. Employees can travel to a single bin location and easily determine which compartment their trash item belongs in. The simplicity of centralized recycling bins allows your business to improve its recycling efforts.

3. Partner With the Right Professionals

If you truly want your commercial recycling program to be a success, you need to partner with the right professionals capable of handling your waste. This could mean that you will work with multiple vendors on a daily basis. Companies that specialize in recycling paper, plastic, and metals may not work with organic waste. Be sure that you source the most reliable company within each recycling sector to ensure that the recycling services you receive help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Becoming more eco-friendly should be a goal for any modern business. Establish a commercial recycling program so that your company can minimize its negative environmental impact and reduce landfill waste over time.

Contact a local commercial recycling service to learn more.